Wine and Unwind is a wine store in Harlem focused on providing the community with access to wine from the world’s classic Old World and New World regions as well as emerging wine regions. We focus on family-owned, sustainably farmed, wineries that produce expressive, tasty, wines. We want our customers to enjoy wines that highlight the attributes of its varietal(s), wine making style, and terroir. Ultimately, we believe enjoying wines comes down to three main themes:

  • Learn: The wine world can feel immense and constantly evolving with new wine regions being explored and cultivated every year and local, esoteric, varietals being showcased for their unique attributes. This can feel intimidating, but once you learn the fundamentals this immense world will become more tangible and familiar. Whenever you are enjoying wine, take a moment to learn something new about the wine, such as the region the wine comes from, the wine style (e.g., stainless steel or new oak), or the way the varietal(s) express themselves. You will quickly start to pick up trends and better appreciate the wines you have always enjoyed!
  • Pour: Drink lots of wine! The best way to learn about wine is to taste wine. You can take time to read about a bottle of wine and learn about the region, varietal(s) and wine maker’s style, but you will not truly grasp the wine until you taste it. Therefore, aim to constantly try new wines and develop a palate for the different regions, varietal(s) and styles. You will naturally find wines that you enjoy more than others, but always appreciate the wine for its attributes even though you may not prefer those attributes. Couple this with what you have learned and you will become a wine expert in no time!
  • Share: Easily the most important theme. Wine is best enjoyed when shared! Pour your family and friends a glass of wine and share what you have learned with them. Then, enjoy the wine and the company. Wine always taste better when shared and you can learn from each other as you experience the wine together. Please visit our store and taste some wine with us during one of our free wine tasting events! It’s a great way to embark on the wine journey and share some wine with us.


Leonel Arias is a wine lover that wants to share his passion for wine with others. He is very talkative and can speak to any bottle of wine in his store. Leonel was born in New York City, moved to the Dominican Republic for middle school and high school, and moved back to New York City to attend Baruch College, where he studied finance. He started his financial career in New York City and continued it in San Francisco where he was exposed to the city’s rich wine culture and fell in love with wine. Upon moving back to New York City, Leonel realized that there was an opportunity to share his wine experience with others and he decided to open Wine and Unwind.